At RegionomicsTM we help you move from Trends to Insight to Action by helping you understand the regional or community economy in which you operate and convert that understanding into action to help your economy, business, or organization excel.

Regionomics offers an array of services to help you tailor your business, economic, or workforce strategy to the economic environment. We help you identify and take advantage of economic opportunities, and understand and adapt to challenges.

  • Analysis of the status of community, regional, and state economies anywhere in the U.S.
  • Assistance with the formation of economic development policy
  • Identification and analysis of regional driver industries
  • Industry-level workforce needs analysis and workforce development policy
  • Economic and financial analysis of firms, industries, and projects
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Assistance for researchers, grant-writers, and community and business leaders in finding, using, and interpreting economic and demographic statistics
  • Written communication, media relations, and public speaking focusing on regional economic and workforce topics
  • Through Bill LaFayette’s partnership with Metcalf & Associates, Regionomics is able to put economic realities in an organizational context, helping leaders and their teams transform their organizations and initiatives to thrive in a rapidly-changing environment
  • Contact

    Bill LaFayette, Ph.D.
    Regionomics LLC
    1293 South Fourth Street
    Columbus, OH 43206

    Phone: 614.443.3992
    Cell: 614.783.2492


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