Neighborhood and community analysis

Individual communities and neighborhoods within a county or region usually differ significantly, so understanding the county simply is not enough.  Regionomics can help you understand the demographics and economics of your region at a neighborhood level.

  • Analysis of local resident demographic and economic characteristics by census tract, ZIP code, or any area for which relevant statistics are available.
  • Count of business establishments and estimated employment by ZIP code for all private-sector industries or specified industries.

Sample projects:

  • Identified priority industries for entrepreneurial development within a primary transportation corridor of Ravenna, Ohio (in partnership with engineering firm GPD Group).
  • Collaborated with the Greater Ohio Policy Center on the impact of public and private housing and infrastructure investment on property values in the Weinland Park neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.
  • Analyzed the industry structure of more than 15 suburbs and neighborhoods in Central Ohio for the Columbus Chamber.
  • Analyzed the retail trade sector of Franklin County, including industry-level retail concentrations for all ZIP codes within the county for the Franklin County Commissioners.
  • Quantified impacts of the revitalization of the former Northland Mall site on its immediate neighborhood for the Stonehenge Company.

“Dr. LaFayette’s remarks were very thought-provoking and well received.”

Dianne Allen, Executive Director, Ohio Statewide Development Corporation